Purgatory Pizza theme song?! sayyy what?!

2009-04-20 04:20:20 by MCDEATHBEAR


MC DEATH BEAR loves you and wants to give you a sneak at the Purgatory Pizza theme song. This is a ruff cut and its alittle to long right now but I wanted to give you guys alittle looki loo! Also sorry its alittle late but I just want to say thanks for all the great reviews and everyone who voted to get my cartoon on the front page! I tried to message most of the people who had questions but if I missed you please e-mail me at MCDEATHBEAR@gmail.com and I'll hit you back!

Purgatory Pizza theme song?! sayyy what?!


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2009-04-20 07:27:57



2009-05-19 22:22:37

Hey man purgatory pizza has been one of my favorite videos on newgrounds, its really cool and funny shit, keep up the good work.


2009-07-16 21:57:53

dude you gotta come out with another one soon plzzz i love the demon dude